Sunday, July 8, 2007

UpTIGHT: Fashion forward Friday

It's time to show off your up-DO'S for summer! Amelia has issued her latest FFF challenge on show #64 podcast on She wants to see your chic ponytails and fashionable "UP tight" hairdos PLUS your favorite hair accessory finds on ETSY!

Here's one of my "UP DO'S". I have a few ways I pull back my short hair. I like to leave it pretty free and "messy" sort of when I do though.

and of course, I had LOTS of fun searching around etsy for some great accessories. *sigh* Oh so many to choose from. A person can get lost in there if they are not careful. LOL!!! The first one that caught my eye was this pink "sprite whispers" little number by Mikiye. I could definately see that tucked into hair this summer. She also has a funky off-beat piece called "Miss Frisky" which I like too. RRRRrrrrr!

I use bobby pins all the time to pull my hair back so I naturally gravitated towards a few unique sets of Pins like this one from foundling. Not sure which I like better? The actual poppy pins or the artistic photos! The initial hairpins photos by DaisyChains popped off the page with their bright striking colors. SO cute for kids and back to school don't you think?

One thing that they all have in common besides being unique - which I love - is they all have been photographed well and that intices me - the buyer - even more! LOL!!! A little twist on creativity or a well taken photograph that evokes a mood makes me like the accessory even more. Kuddos to all the designers of these beautiful items!


ALL THE BEST said...

Just found your great site. I LOVE your fun, creative designs. The jeans are great!

traci said...

Very good job at putting your hair up.... short hair is a BIG challenge to put up, I know, since I have hair that is similar to yours in cut but I have MUCH thicker hair so the challenge is
Im going to try fun bobby pins though...I usually put some in that just blend in with my hair but am ready to live on the edge and try something new and

Flutterby Babies Boutique said...

Ooooh cute Megan! I love the messy look. I have short hair as well but I have several cute updo's that I can pull off with the short hair.

PamperingBeki said...

That looks cute!! Love those hair pins.

Erika Cass Designs said...

I love those poppy pins in pink. I had to fave them.
I'm seriously considering cutting my hair but I don't think with my curls I could pull off your "hip mama" look. :o)

CreativeOutletDesigns said...

Hey sometimes I don't think I can pull off the "hip" mama look either! LOL

but I do get my hair done every 4-8 weeks and it's always something different. people have asked me if I get it done every week! ROTFL!!! I guess I just like to play around with what I've got and I am always trying something new! ;)

KARA said...

your hair looks lovely
How cute are those pins I use a lot of bobby pins to put my hair up, umm may have to look at etsy.

Amelia said...

Whoa you're quick!!!

I'm thinking today I will snap something. It's been a LONG weekend.

Love your pull back do, SO chic! Great accessory choices too!!!


Nic said...

Awesome finds, Megan. And you have model-worthy hair. Lovely.

Seeker said...

Megan, you are definitely, without a doubt...HIP!! I love your updo. I have to try *really hard* not to be envious of seems there's nothing you aren't fabulous at! :o)

Drooooling over the poppy pins, I'm off to fave them, hehe!

CreativeOutletDesigns said...

LOL!!! thanks seeker! you're too sweet and modest! you are one HIP mamma too! and I could totally reciprocate the same compliment about being envious.

funny thing is I just wacked a bunch more hair off today! not sure I could even do an UP-DO now. Still need a few days to play around with it. ;)

Priscilla said...

I love your hairdo! You always look so chic and elegant. Those hair accessories look so yummy!