Tuesday, July 3, 2007

SPC - Elements - water

Where did June go? It came and went so quickly and I can't believe it's already July! The HOT summer weather has definately arrived which requires lots of water to keep cool. The theme for this months Self Portrait Challenge is to capture yourself in the elements - water, air, fire and earth. This is a shot of me kicking around in the pool and drinking up summertime.

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Jessica said...

LOVE your SPC pic!! I just came across you blog, it looks great!!

Summer said...

Well, the link doesn't work, or no longer there, but they look lovely!;)

And that is a cool pic. Gotta love dangling feet in refreshing water!

CreativeOutletDesigns said...

thanks Jessica!

Summer - I guess they are! I just checked on them and someone snatched up the BIN price! LOL!!! sorry!

surpluss said...

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