Saturday, July 14, 2007

OH Ty!!!??!!! come out come out wherever you are!

We just heard last night that Extreme Makeover Home Edition was doing a house in a nearby town just 30mins away. I guess that's what you get for not watching the news! I am sure everyone else already knew! ;) Anyway, not being able to pass up the chance to see it all in action and possibly catch a glimpse of any of the designers or the famous Ty Pennington we headed out in the 100 degree weather for a once in a life time opportunity!

They don't let anyone near the area where they are working so they bused everyone in from the local high school. We can't park and walk - they won't let you - so you just patiently wait in the line to get on the bus. It's quite an undertaking. I mean, we all know demolishing a house and re-building one in 7 days is AMAZING but to be on site and see it all and how much equipment, tents, PEOPLE, cars, trailers, etc around and how much progress they make from day to day - it really is quite an undertaking!

Unfortunately we didn't get to see of the designers from the show and I heard through the grapevine the TY wasn't even there today - he was in Oregon retaping something. So who knows! Still amazing to be there and see all the volunteers and hear the family's story. They handed out cold water and t-shirts to the crowd now and then and made announcements about accomplishments that crew had made. They will have the house up and roof on by tonight. Amazing! Sadly, we will be out of town when the BIG "MOVE THAT BUS!" day happens so I guess we will wait for the show to air to really get to see the house and the family.

And as I mentioned above we are heading out of town for a few days so I thought I would leave you with a few new goodies to look at that I have been working on. The first one is a NEW apron pattern I created done in the Chocolate Lollipop Fabric and the second one was a custom order so if she's looking she'll get a sneak peek of how it turned out before it arrives to her in the mail. Enjoy your weekend! See you next week!


Ribbon Rock Star said...

Oh how cool! I love that show.

I tagged you for the ROCKIN' blogger award. Check my blog when you get back for details.


deb said...

That is so cool!!

Come visit for for a little giveaway. :)

traci said...

how fun to go see a real production going on. I have to say I would not be opposed to wearing your newest apron style (one with the ribbon around the neck and the white t shirt underneath) for a reg. top...that is with a t underneath.... cute, cute, cute. Ok...does admitting that make me a canidate for What Not To Wear? lol

Amelia said...

Oh they did a house near here last year and I SO wanted to try and sneak a peek at Ty. ;o)


KARA said...

Oh The Apron is so gorgeous, you do amazing designs.
Wow Ty I love extreme makeover, I begged them in an email to come to the UK.

P.S. My Sister loves my T-shirt I wondered how much you charge as I may get one for her birthday.

Priscilla said...

I love that show... I mean really LOVE that show. I need to have a box of kleenex all the time because sometimes the stories are so sad. It must have been a great sense of exhileration to see the work in progess even if you didnt get to see Mr. Hot Hottie himself, Ty.

Your apron is cool...I love it Ill post it on my blog!


Summer said...

the crew came here once too. ANd oh man, the house was way bigger than they showed. They didn't even show half the rooms.

Amazing the work they do, thats for sure!

CreativeOutletDesigns said...

I cry too when I watch that show! We made it home in time to catch the late news and see a few highlights and of course, I got a big choked up. LOL!!! can't wait to see it when it airs.